5 Inexpensive Wedding Favor Ideas

Wedding favors are one of those things that everyone offers and it’s hard to decide what to use and what to spend. If you’re looking to save some money and not spend a fortune on wedding favors then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together a list of 5 adorable and inexpensive wedding favors for your wedding! We hope you love the ideas.

  1. Succulents. First of all, who doens’t LOVE a plant? A little succulent is an adorable wedding favor for your guests. Gifting a live plant is perfect reminder of the life you’re starting together. You can keep them in the little plastic container they come in our change it up and put it in a tiny pot or glass jar!

  2. Matches. This is a classic and who doesn’t like matches?! Everyone will use a match at some point in their life so this is an easy DIY gift you can create yourself! Tie a bow or ribbon around it and boom, you’ve got an adorable gift to give! You could even add a cute phrase like “Let Sparks Fly” to it!

  3. Popcorn! There are several gourmet popcorn stores we could recommend to you as a wedding favor idea. Many of the shops have over 40 flavors in store. You could even ask them to customize the color of the popcorn to match your wedding colors. We have a preferred vendor for this if you’re interested!

  4. Bubbles! Yet another inexpensive classic to offer your guests. These are much easier than sparks on your bride & groom exit! Plus they’ll have extra to give their kids or kids/ friends to play with. Inexpensive and a win win!

  5. Airplane Bottles! These are a super fun idea. You could get everyone to do a shot with you and your new husband’s favorite liquor. You can even DIY it and add a cute phrase like “Take a Shot, We’re Tying the Knot.”

We hope you loved these fun, inexpensive ideas for your wedding favors! Which one is your favorite?


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5 Wedding Trends To Be On The Lookout For in 2020!

We know trends are all the rage when it comes to pinning your dream wedding. Trust me when I say, I love keeping up with trends of every season. It makes things so much fun when planning and designing your dream wedding. So here are the top 5 wedding trends for 2020! Big or small, you’ll love these new ideas!

  1. Mix & Match Bridesmaid dresses! I LOVE this new trend so so much! Long gone are the days of all one color dress and all the same dress for that matter. The sky is the limit when it comes to you and the possibilities for your bridesmaids. Look at these adorable ideas! From patterns, to mixing in solids, to sequins and glitter…you can really mix and match anything!

2. Instagram Worthy Backdrops

It may seem like we always have those at weddings, but it’s not the case. Want to level up your wedding for social media? Make sure you have a beautiful insta-worthy backdrop for photos not only for you and your new hubby, but for your friends and family too! Check out these ideas below. PS: I have TONS of things you can RENT for your wedding (check them out in rental section of my website here)! 😉

3. Garden Weddings!

Talk about timeless and lovely, this trend is so gorgeous if you want to make your wedding a fairytale. You can do a garden wedding for any time of year. Depending on your venue, a garden wedding doesn’t need over the top decor which is perfect for a budget-friendly wedding! Check out some ideas below! That wine wall is LIFE! 🍷

4. Minimal Reception Decor

For you budget lovers, this trend is definitely for you! We love the minimalist trend and honestly, less is more when it comes to weddings. Sometimes you don’t need tons of over the top decor to make things intimate and beautiful. Check out these ideas below! Balloons are a fun, easy way to add decor while keeping it simple.

5. Succulents!

As a plant lady, I can say that plants are LIFE! Succulents are an easy, cute way to add character to your wedding. And they make for the perfect small gift to send off with your wedding guests! Check out these ideas below!

Well, there you have it! I hope yall enjoyed seeing some of the top new wedding trends for 2020! Let me know which one is your favorite! 😍

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Keep up on the latest wedding trends of 2020 here!

5 Wedding Trends To Be On The Lookout For in 2020!