Summer Wedding Inspo

As we all know, the unfortunate event of Covid-19 has put a damper on Spring weddings. To all of the brides who have been affected by this worldwide pandemic, our hearts and prayers go out to each and every one of you. We know it may seem like your dream wedding was crushed, but keep an open mind! if you have been affected and need to reschedule your wedding, I put together a package for $200 and we would LOVE to help take that stress of your shoulders. Please let us know if you’re interested!

To keep things bright and light we decided it would be an awesome idea to give you guys some Summer Wedding Inspiration. Since that’s the next season of wedding’s and most likely when people will reschedule for, why not?! 😉

Here are 5 Tips for Summer weddings + some inspo we’re just obsessed with right now!

  1. Think about the weather! We know, Summer has amazing, warm weather. But here’s a few tips to remember about Summer for your wedding. It’s STICKY when it’s super hot, so most likely you will be super hot in your wedding dress and your guests will be sweating right there with you. This is mainly for the outside reception aspect. A few ideas: fans for your guests, ice or bottled water everywhere (easily accessible), and a second dress for your reception!

  2. Choose your bridesmaids dresses carefully. You want to find a fabric AND color that will NOT show sweat. There is nothing worse than seeing sweat through dresses in your photos…for life.

  3. Holiday weekends! We know how fun it can be to have your wedding on a weekend but keep in mind a few things. Traffic is typically worse than usual….no matter where your wedding is. Make sure you let your guests know this so they can leave in a timely fashion to make it to the events of your big day. Hotels tend to book up WAY faster and WAY far in advance. Make sure you remember this when it comes to blocking off rooms at a hotel!

  4. Two words…BUG SPRAY! That’s right…bet you didn’t think of that! A fun little DIY project for you. Grab some citronella and lemongrass essential oils, a bottle of witch hazel, and some small spray bottles! All you need are those + water, so so easy! It doubles as the cutest little take away gift for your guests that they can use over and over again! Plus we allllll have that one friend who sells essential oils, so you can support them at the same time!

  5. Consider SHADE! Yes those gorgeous mansions are a girls dream wedding location but if you’re considering a Summer wedding, remember the sun! That sun can be super harsh and when you add fun + alcohol to that equation you have well, a lot haha. Make sure your venue has tons of shade for your guests (and you). Everyone needs shade on a hot Summer day.

We hope you loved these tips. They’re perfect to consider year after year. Here’s some pic inspo fo all those Summer wedding brides! ☀️

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What’s the Difference Between a Planner, Coordinator and Designer?

Planning a wedding is a huge task that can sometimes get overwhelming. There are so many venues to look at, cakes to try and invitations to send! Having help to do all of these things is such a lifesaver! But..where do you begin to look for help? How do you know how much help you need or want? We’re here to help you figure that out!

Jacqueline_Waters_Photography_Branded_Photographs_Downtown_Fredericksburg_Virginia_(382).jpgWhat does a planner do?

A wedding planner is responsible for – you guessed it – planning the wedding and much more. Planning implies a full logistical process of careful preparation over a period of 8-14 months. Wedding planner’s duties include planning, styling, and coordinating for those who want someone to walk through the wedding planning process with them. From the invitations to your getaway car, they put together an elite team of professionals to make sure everything is exactly how YOU want it. With monthly face-to-face meetings and unlimited phone calls, they help you select all vendors, discuss and manage a budget, and assist with styling the wedding of your dreams.


What does a coordinator do?

An event or wedding coordinator is not held responsible for planning the wedding. Instead, they’re merely responsible for coordinating details. This person is someone you might hire to oversee the wedding day or provide “month-of coordination services” to help execute details that have already been previously planned.


What does a designer do?

A wedding designer’s role has very little to do with planning, coordination, or direction. There are some planners who are also designers. Our company actually does professional design as well.. A wedding designer is a person or company that is actively developing or creating the aesthetic design and vision for your wedding.


But my venue gives me a coordinator, what exactly does that mean?

That means that you won’t need to hire a day-of coordinator, because you will be provided with one, but you can still hire a planner or designer if you want or need help with actually planning your big day! Just be sure to do your research and check reviews not all venues have qualified coordinators and it can really put a damper on your wedding day.

How do I know if I need a planner or coordinator?

The best way to decide what you need is how much of the actual planning and work you want to do yourself. There are also different levels of planning, so if you want to handle some things, like the invitations and decorations, but don’t want to have to hire a photographer or DJ, or vice versa, a partial planning package might be best for you!

I hope this information has been helpful and is useful to some of the anxious or overwhelmed brides!

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Five Women Who Inspire Me

These 5 women have and still are a huge inspiration and influence to me and I would not be where I am without them, so for that, I thank each and every one of them from the bottom of my heart!

The first is Emily Webb. Emily is the owner of Vagabond, an interior and event design business! She can turn a plain and boring space into a work of art. She is not only amazing at what she does but is one of the most compassionate people I know. She will make your dream wedding come to life! She is the one who sat down with me when I first had the idea of starting my own business and told me to go for it, and for that, I cannot be thankful enough!

Next is Suzie Anker. Suzie is the owner of Anker Mobile Bartending, a mobile bar service that can turn your event into a party! She has a passion for hospitality and booze! Other than being a bartender she is also an amazing person. She is kind and would give her shirt off her back if you needed it! She has been there from the beginning and has helped and supported me every step of the way!

The third is Hope Taylor. She is the owner of Hope Taylor Photography, she started her business when she was just 17! She worked her way up and became a very successful photographer and business owner. Even though she moved to Charleston, SC and isn’t in Fredericksburg anymore I still look up to her. I was so excited that she got to photograph my wedding, which the pictures from that created a foundation for the pictures that I use for my business. She is so friendly, sweet, and a huge influence for women of all ages to go and reach their dreams and goals!

Fourth is Katie Houck, she works at Ava Laurenne Bride and helps brides find the dress of their dreams! She is charismatic and truly loves what she does. She has a passion for people and making every girl feel beautiful on their special day! I was lucky enough to have her help me find my wedding dress and from there we became good friends! She is so kind, bubbly, and very bride oriented!

Last but not least is my mother, Terri Campbell. My mother is my rock. She is my best friend and has always been there for me. She is such a caring and incredible women. I’m not sure what I would do without her. She has always been the one at every gymnastics meet, cheer competition, and school event. She has been a huge help and support when it has come to my business. I am truly blessed to have a mother like her. The best part of it all she isn’t just my mom she is a lead coordinator in my business!


These 5 women have and still are a huge inspiration and influence to me and I would not be where I am without them, so for that, I thank each and every one of them from the bottom of my heart!

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Getting to Know Us: Madi

Hi! My name is Madi Edwards and I am the owner and lead coordinator of Wedding Lily Events! I’m so excited to finally start my blog and I wanted to tell you guys a little bit about myself, how I got into wedding planning, and what to expect us to be blogging about in the future!

I’m a dog mom to an Australian Shepherd named Jack and I’ve been married to my amazing husband since September 2018! He is in the Marine Corps and is the love of my life. I love anything that has to do with chocolate, a glass of wine, and binge-watching Netflix! I am very OCD about 95% of the time other than keeping my car clean. I am always on the go and basically live out my car, so It never stays the way I want it. Saying I love staying busy is an understatement. Three of my future goals are to buy a house, start a family, and travel! I love love love to travel! I’ve been to quite a few places but would love to explore more!

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about my company lately so I figured I’d incorporate them into this post! What better way to get to know me than through what I love??

What experience do you have and how long have you been planning?

I’ve been doing wedding planning for a few years now. I started off helping my sister plan her wedding in May of 2017. When I got engaged in January 2018, I knew I wanted to plan my own wedding and help other brides as well! When I realized how much I enjoyed it, I found an internship through another planning company in the area. I started as an intern and worked my way up to assistant coordinator and then became a lead coordinator. I decided to branch off and start my own company shortly after!

What is your favorite part of the job?

My absolute favorite part is getting to meet so many amazing couples and getting to know them each on a personal level. My favorite part of the wedding day is getting to watch the bride walk down the aisle to marry her best friend! It’s the whole reason I love wedding planning!

What are some trends that you love going on in the wedding world right now?

I absolutely love the boho style and anything moody. These are great elements that brides are adding to their wedding. I think it adds depth and a romantic feel! Also, dried florals are trending at the moment and they are a beautiful and budget-friendly additive to your wedding flowers.

How did you come up with the name Wedding Lily?

After hours of writing down words and sayings I liked, I ended up thinking about family names. My great grandmother’s name was Lily Grace and I’ve always found it so beautiful. One day when I have children, I’d like to name my daughter Lily as well!

Where do you work out of?

I work from home most days but when I get stir crazy or my husband is playing Call of Duty on full volume you can normally find me at any local coffee shop in downtown Fredericksburg with a Chai latte in hand!



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  Hi! My name is Madi Edwards and I am the owner and lead coordinator of Wedding Lily Events! I’m so excited to finally start my blog and I wanted to tell you guys a little bit about myself, how I got into wedding planning, and what to expect us to be blogging about in […]

Getting to Know Us: Madi