We are here to help calm the chaos so let us take one more thing off your plate!
We have custom rental decor items for any style, color and theme. Be sure to check out all of amazing items below!

We have something for every wedding!

The simple answer is convenience and less stress on you! Most people think they will save time and money when getting used items off Facebook Marketplace, but normally find out later that isn't the case! Don't get me wrong there is always some amazing finds but at the end of your wedding day you are stuck with a bunch of decor items nicely tossed into boxes you now have to clean, organize and try to resell. You are also responsible for getting those boxes to and from the wedding venue. To be honest, the majority of those boxes are going to sit in your living room for 2 months before you get the chance to even think about it!  

If you decide to rent your decor items you are guaranteed that you won't have to do any work other then picking out what you want and ordering it. All of our decor items are cleaned and replaced regularly to ensure the best quality for your wedding day! 

Why rent from us Vs Buy??


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